Sunday, August 9, 2009

Joe Budden/Raekwon (Play by Play)

So backstage at the LA stop of the "Rock The Bells" concert, Joe Budden was "Live Vlogging" with rapper Mickey Factz when Raekwon walks in with about 6 other dudes and a video camera.

Mickey stops the feed for a bit and they go live again with this.

Apparently, someone (NOT Raekwon) gave Joey a lump around his right eye. Watching the live feed myself after the altercation Joey was heard talking with his team about what happened and then gets a phone call from who im ASSUMING was a fellow member of Slaughterhouse.

Joey mutes the volume while on the phone, comes back and tells everyone to get they popcorn cause its about to be a show. the live feed is paused again (and for the rest of the night im assuming, i fell asleep)

Bout a hour later, right before Slaughterhouse is set to perform, all of this takes place backstage.

(Click to enlarge)

After Slaughterhouse's performance, Joey Tweets and Twitpics this...

And everyone goes home unharmed...well except for ol Mouse here....anyway Mickey Factz gives his side of what happened when the camera went off, or Pause'd (no pun intended)

Shouts to Nahright and Missinfo for some of the information

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