Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alabama Pride

Wow what a match-up, you got big Butterbean taking on Tank Abbott. I didnt even know Butterbean was involved in MMA. Whats interesting about this match-up to me is that both Tank and Butterbean have pro wrestling experience an....WTF!?!?!?!?! IS THAT DMX?!?!
Im tempting to head to Alabama to see this shit live...but $20 bucks Earl no shows...

NEW MUSIC: Ya Boy Feat. Quiz - Murder This Shit (Remix)

WARNING : "CUPCAKES " can kill you

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson was subsequently rushed to the hospital yesterday after sustaining minor injuries while listening to Fat Joe's new record. Apparently, some have not taken heed to his initial warning. Mr. Jackson has now made it his mission to spread the word that Fat Joe's music is an endangerment to public safety.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

(NEW) GiF - Do My Damn Thing (prod. by Austin Powerz)

mixtape coming soon!
GiF - Do My Damn Thing (prod. by Austin Powerz)

Drive-By Review - Slaughterhouse

This installment Par-City takes a listen to Slaughterhouse's debut album. Pretty dope all around. This was the last review we did during the Atlanta excursion.

Speaking of Slaughterhouse here's some news i woke up to this morning...

So here are the “rumors” that I’m hearing…

That Slaughterhouse appearance in “Forever,” was indeed a non-verbal announcement of the contract negotiations going on behind the scenes. For the past month, both sides have been working towards bringing the group to the Shady label. And that the gathering of Em and the guys at the shoot, is the first of more collaborations to come.

Jacked from the homie Info

Slaughterhouse X Shady = Hip Hop Heaven

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vintage Monday - Antagonus ft. Willy Dope - World Tour

Another "Tuesday" Edition...

VIDEO: Kanye West Apologizes on "The Jay Leno Show"

Alright look...yeah what Kanye did was inexcusable and wrong, but for all you people out there saying Ye needs to die and i'll never listen to his music again...go sit down somewhere because you're lying to yourself. Ye is still one of the most talented musical artist this generation has seen and he makes fucked up mistakes just like the rest of us...HE"S HUMAN!!!

I felt Jay Leno was alil out of line bringing up Kanye's mom and to me it looked like thats when it REALLY hit him that he messed up. Hopefully this means no more outbrust from Ye' (as entertaining as some of them could be)

You Won't Believe What Tia Showed Me....

SMH I Thought These Guys Were Done...

New cover of Smooth Magazine featuring Rick Ross' baby mama Tia and 50 Cent...

(Not for nothing Tia looking alright...)

Monday, September 14, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Leroy Smith - My Gift to The Game

Leroy Smith is back with a new banger "My Gift To the Game"! I definitely wanna shoot a video like this one day, oh and if you're wondering who Leroy Smith is check out

NEW VIDEO: Ghostface Killah - Stapleton Sex


Had to bring back Steiner for this one...

One of These Things Aren't Like The Other...

...One of these things are not the same

This is officially the new anthem for New York City, dont give a fuck what anybody else says. Jay and Alicia shut it down last night, from Jay's "presidential" entrance, to the beautiful backdrop of NYC landmarks, to Alicia's one hoop earring, this was definitely going down as one of the best VMA performances ever...until Lil Bow Wow decided to grace the stage. The hell does she think she is? Even though she was born a man she need to act more lady like....See for yourself

Kanye's At It Again...Interrupts President Obama...

SMH seems like Kanye's wrath knows no bounds....

DEAD lol but the thousands of people that watched the show and tweeted about it last night, I was embarrassed by the downright deplorable actions of Mr. West last night. Poor Taylor Swift looked like she had no idea what to do after Kanye climb on stage and grabbed the microphone out of her hand. Her moment was taking and her heart, broken. Thats fucked up Ye' very fucked up.....although i will say this, Taylor Swift is definitely a bigger star today than she was yesterday morning....

Here's the vid in case you been under a rock

Friday, September 11, 2009


There much festivity going on here in NYC, but today, its a must to also make mental note of significance of the date. Alot of the details from around that time is now a blur to me, I remember the overall feeling more than the specifics of what I did or what was said. The feeling was a dullness, a dragging weight on everything. But I completely remember seeing the city like this. (photo from Slate)

I wasnt planning on commenting on today being 9/11 and everything, but while on Miss Info's site i came across this and it pretty much sums up exactly how i personally feel about the day. Never forget...

NYCThruMe - White Label Photoshoot

White Label recently had alil photoshoot. Here's alil preview of how it went down.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Shanna B. Feat LI - Best I Ever Had

Shanna B. is the newest addition to White Label who you'll be properly introduced to very soon, in the meantime consider this a appetizer... Oh and follow her on twitter @IneedShannaB

NEW VIDEO: Emperess Feat. Lyriciss & Cayan - P.O.V

P.O.V from GreatWhite prodco on Vimeo.

Emperess is my homie from the DMV. This track features Cayan and Lyriciss both from the DMV as well and have been featured on Parcitizens before. This jawn is off Emperess' mixtape "Outside The Box" which can be download HERE. Be on the look out for that Emperess X Willy Dope track in the future...

Oh yeah and follow @Emperess @cayanfromDC and @lyriciss on twitter, just click their names

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Drive-By Review - Loso's Way

We're back this time taking a listen to "Loso's Way". I've been trying to Up this for the past few days but Youtube was acting retarded. Anyway we actually shot a review for this before the one you see and went back for a second, more thorough review (which we will start doing more often) As always, hope you enjoy next up SLAUGHTERHOUSE!