Monday, August 24, 2009

Vintage Monday - L.I. Ft. GiF - Get Mine

White Label Jawn....

VIDEO: ItsTheReal - Run This Town (Official Directors’ Commentary)

Run This Town (Official Directors' Commentary) from jeff on Vimeo.

Last week, someone pretending to be the director for Jay-Z’s new video, Run This Town, put out a “director’s commentary track” providing fake insight behind the scenes of the big single off of The Blueprint 3. Now, we don’t claim to have helmed Run This Town, but we have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. This week, we present Run This Town (Official Directors’ Commentary).

VIDEO: Joe Budden TV - Ladies, how many chances do we get?

In front of my old cubicle, the guys from Slaughterhouse ask XXL EIC Vanessa Satten how many shots a dude gets to make a…lasting impression.

NEW VIDEO: Asher Roth Ft. Wifey #37 - She Don't Want A Man

This is a cool, funny video, definitely enjoyed it. I see you Asher!

NEW MUSIC: Klassik - Free Crib: Mansion Edition (Mixtape)

Klassik - Free Crib: Mansion Edition

New Jawn from my dude Klassik...ayo, White Label Collabs on that next jawn iight fam?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Jay-Z Ft. Kanye West & Rihanna - Run This Town

I was digging this video because it sorta reminded me of the "Bad Boy Era" of music videos where the video felt more like a piece of cinema than just a visual aid to a song.

NEW VIDEO: Jamie Foxx Ft. Drake, Kanye West, & The Dream - Digital Girl

This video was ALRIGHT, nothing really special. Reminded me of The Dream's video for "I Luv Your Girl". Not really a fan of the change up in the beat towards the end.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Drive-By Review - Off The Wall (Mixtape)

Fresh off our Atlanta excursion we have a new Drive-By Review. This edition we take a look at the HIGHLY anticipated "Off The Wall" mixtape by Esso. Now this is a joint i've been looking forward to, let's see if the team is digging it.

NOTE: Excuse the sound was TOOOOO hot to close the windows

Follow Esso on Twitter @Hiesso

The Return...

Greetings Citizens,

Well, im sure most of you have noticed the lack of post recently. Well see what had happened was, Par-City took alil Vaca for some R&R (and a few strippers), and i kinda sorta forgot to post a message up here letting my fellow citizens know that we'll be gone. Never no mind that though, we're back and back on the grind, so you can expect alot more content coming soon.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Joe Budden/Raekwon (Play by Play)

So backstage at the LA stop of the "Rock The Bells" concert, Joe Budden was "Live Vlogging" with rapper Mickey Factz when Raekwon walks in with about 6 other dudes and a video camera.

Mickey stops the feed for a bit and they go live again with this.

Apparently, someone (NOT Raekwon) gave Joey a lump around his right eye. Watching the live feed myself after the altercation Joey was heard talking with his team about what happened and then gets a phone call from who im ASSUMING was a fellow member of Slaughterhouse.

Joey mutes the volume while on the phone, comes back and tells everyone to get they popcorn cause its about to be a show. the live feed is paused again (and for the rest of the night im assuming, i fell asleep)

Bout a hour later, right before Slaughterhouse is set to perform, all of this takes place backstage.

(Click to enlarge)

After Slaughterhouse's performance, Joey Tweets and Twitpics this...

And everyone goes home unharmed...well except for ol Mouse here....anyway Mickey Factz gives his side of what happened when the camera went off, or Pause'd (no pun intended)

Shouts to Nahright and Missinfo for some of the information

NEW VIDEO: Esso - Don't Stop

ESSO "Dont Stop" [Official Video] Directed by Puma from stupid GENIUS on Vimeo.

Esso is the homie and Puma is incredible. I cant wait for Esso's "Off The Wall" project to drop, this along with the other track i've heard off the project, "Girlfriend", both sound good. So be on the look out for that.

NEW VIDEO: Clipse - I'm Good

I'm Good

I gotta say "Till The Casket Drops" is definitely slowly becoming a MUST HAVE for me. I've been liking what i've been hearing and this video is dope to me, love the background in the Pharrell X Clipse shots.

"Till The Casket Drops" in stores this October.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Freestyle Battle...Properly

LMAO @ this

Jacked from

VIDEO: NBA Live 10 (Trailer)

Ehhh, Not impressed.

*Waits for 2K10 Trailer*

oh BTW, Vince Carter FTW!

NEW VIDEO: Amerie - Why R U

Okay...i know what your thinking...this is an R&B video, well listen...i, Willy Dope, enjoys myself some good Rhythm and Blues (GASP! and AWE! i know!). Besides bigger that all that i have an unhealthy obessesion with Amerie who i plan to cheat on my wife with one day. Video is dope and she looks good as hell.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Vintage Monday: Willy Dope - Daily Routine

That Nike SB commercial reminded me of this song...actually record this with "half" of my voice...damn winter colds....

Inspiration for Jay's "The Blueprint 3" Album Cover?

I found this pretty dope
Secret Machines "Now Here is Nowhere"
U2 "No Line on The Horizon"
Kanye West "808s and Heartbreak"

Jay-Z "The Blueprint 3"

I dont know if this was intentional or not, but pretty cool nonetheless taking bits and pieces from other places.

Spotted @

NEW MUSIC: Mase - Shut The City Down

Mase - Shut The City Down

Keeping with his promise, here's that new Mase...not really a fan of the beat, but hey...Antagonus likes it.

VIDEO: ItsTheReal - C’est la Vie, Drake

The footage of Drake figuratively and literally hitting the stage last week has been studyed and examined from more angles than the Zapruder film. Luckily, is here to provide a new perspective - crude animation - in our, ahem, homage to Broken Equipment: C’est la Vie, Drake.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Nike SB Commercial

This is pretty dope, ive actually done something over Ice Cube's track (maybe you guys will get to hear it next week). This makes me wanna go and play Skate 2...

Spotted on Nahright

VIDEO: Joe Budden TV - 5year pass/what happened 2 Tahiry ?

any man that hits a female is a coward, but thats in the process of being dealt with so.. onto more important matters.. who agrees w/ my 5 year rule ??

Slaughterhouse album in stores 8/11