Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is DOPE AS FUCK!!!

Wu-Tang Lego: Killer Tape from davo on Vimeo.

Mystery of Chessboxing is one of my favorite cuts off the first album. But yo can we get one of these for "Torture"

SMH, WTF?!?!?!

Im prolly going to hell for posting that...LMAO so gay, yet i couldnt turn away from it due to disbelief.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Klassik - BX Got Plenty Money (Preview)

Here's a photo from the shoot...

(Why Do I look like im trying get alll in the camera?)

Anyway video is expected to drop tomorrow, im definitely looking forward to it.

Kanye West Performing This Saturday

Anyone who caught Kanye's "VH1 Storytellers" should know that they're in for a show. I'll definitely be watching (or DVR'in)

LeBron Getting Dunk on...

This is what all the fuss was about?...SMH

Monday, July 20, 2009

NEW MUSIC: Willy Dope, Trav Dave, and Freddie Mac - NY.CO2

*I loved Fred's write up so much im gonna copy it vebatim*

Willy Dope, Trav Dave, and Freddie Mac - NY.CO2

Yeah, we've seen them come and go. From those young cats on the corner who spit some of the hottest bars you've ever heard to noticeable groups who had deals but never....... could... quite.... make anything pop off. Recently, we've all paid clost attention to SLAUGHTERHOUSE, the rap group which consits of Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, and Royce 5'9. Lyrics, story-telling, punchlines, you name it, they come with it, and you respect that.. You prolly wont buy there cd when it is finally released, but you will download the hell out of it and let your friends know its that CRACK..Well here's where the new gunners come into play. Recently I was sent a track by BX's own WillyDope @WillyDope and Columbus' TravDave @TravDave. Upon hearing the track, I wanted to jump on immediately, PAUSE if applicable. Once they gave me the go ahead, I did. We released the track on twitter and word spread like wildfire, reaching 500 downloads in the first 24 hrs!This looks like the beginning of something we've seen before. You be the judge!

NEW VIDEO: Kid CuDi Ft. Kanye West, Common - Make Her Say

I like the way this video was shot, but i have a question. Since this is the second video Kanye has directed within the last month or two (the other being Drake's "Best I Ever Had"), and seeing peoples reactions to that one im curious what people think about this one. Leave a comment and lemme know.

NEW MUSIC: Mase - Thinkin Bout You

*Antagonus would have my head if i didnt post every new Mase song*

Mase - Thinking Bout You

No Homo @ that pic. The song is ehhh, i rather Murda Mase.

NYCThruMe - Behind The Scenes of "BX Got Plenty Money"

Some behind the scenes footage of Klassik's (of BFG) video for his song "Bronx Got Plenty Money". Of course we had to go out there amd show some support. Video can be expected on the internets this Thursday.

NEW VIDEO: 50 Cent - Funny How Time Flies

One of my favorite joints off "Forever King" althought the video isnt nothing special...reminds me of all those videos from "The Massacre"

Rock The Bells: Slaughterhouse

*LMAO @ Joey and Meth taking a walk on the beach*

So Joey and Meth squash the beat. Tahiry and Joe stay together. Slaughterhouse freestyles for the crowd and everyone is happy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Randomly Speaking Ep. 2 (Podcast)

You know how we do it, randomly Speaking on various things such as the infamous "Pleasure Dome" (seen above), attempting to prank call a few people, and MA$E (Harlem on the Rise!!!). Download below.

Randomly Speaking Ep. 2

NEW MUSIC: 100 Grand - Compilation

100 Grand is an old friend of Par-City’s who I haven’t hear from in a min until he hit me on my Facebook (yeah I was on FB) with this.
So dudes been continuing to grind, has a new mixtape (which im kinda tight I didn’t know about, whats good with that collab?), and did a brief interview with my homie, the lovely miss Nina B. I haven’t had a chance to check out the tape yet but im bout to download it myself from the link below. You should do the same.

100 Grand -Compilation

Drive-By Review - The Greenhouse Effect

Welcome back to another installment of Drive-By Reviews. Today those Par-City dudes take a listen to Asher Roth's "The Greenhouse Effect: One Year Anniversery". Before we get started i gotta say the artwork on the cover of this joint is pretty dope. Anyway, watch and enjoy.


After missing UFC 100, I desperately try to quench my thirst for a fight...what I found was utterly bizzare

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vinatge Monday - Par-City - What U Wanna Do

This is an old track that was produced by our dude Austin Powerz

NYCThruMe - GiF's Top 5

GiF gives us his top 5, alil different than my list but i can definitely co-sign on most of his. I got some extra footage of these videos thinking about posting it later this week....we'll see what happens

NEW MUSIC: Cam'ron and Mase - Get It

*Mase far right, Cam far left. lmao Jones towards the center*

VIDEO: Joe Budden TV - How Soon is Too Soon to Call

People still use that "2 day" rule? Man if shorty feeling you...make that move.

VIDEO: ItsTheReal - Best I've Ever Vlad

Best I Ever Vlad from jeff on Vimeo.

Bout time someone really got at Vlad...not a fan of dudes version of "journalism"

State of The Union Address

*LOL at me making this sound more serious than it is*

Guys it been a min. and i feel as though its my job to explain the lack of post this past week. You see, i just started working last week so i've been getting my body back in shape to wake up early and i honestly havent had the energy to post. The material is all here, just too lazy to post it up. Anyway im pretty sure i've gotten back into the groove so what i need for all the Par-Citizens to do is get back in the groove of checking daily for new content. And you'll start seeing new content in 5...4...3...2...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

NEW VIDED: Slaughterhouse - One

By far my favorite rap group (besides Par-City of course) sure to cop the album when it drops on August 11th

Skyywalker Note: Joey must really have a thing for that KRS sample...

Friday, July 3, 2009

NYCThruMe - Dope's Top 5

Part 2 of the Top 5. Willy Dope runs down a list of some of his favorite girls at the moment. GiFs top 5 in part 3.

NOTE: Willy Dope would like to add that he forgot to mention Eva Mendez in his list.

Randomly Speaking Ep. 1 (Podcast)

This is the first ever Par-City podcast featuring all three members of Par-City doing exactly what the title says, Randomly Speaking. Lots of funny shit. Check it out and get the meaning for the use of the (hilarious) picture above.

Click here to listen

NEW VIDEO: 50 Cent - Ok, You're Right

This video is uhhh, different. I like the visuals, cant say i really understand the whole clown concept.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

NEW VIDEO: Drake - Best I Ever Had

Bout time.

Really there should be a limit to the amount of beautifulsexyhotdymeass females one rapper can have in a video. Fuck Drake.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Even More Advice From Skateboard P

You can make a fortune with all the gems Pharrell's dropping. Get it?

NEW MUSIC: Lyriciss - They Told Me

Lyriciss - They Told Me

Another homie from Twitter and full time DMV representer (I love the movement yall got going on down there, we need more of that in NY). Check out more music from Lyriciss on his Myspace and follow him on Twitter @Lyriciss

NYCThruMe - Top 5 Dead or Alive

Well really, alive or alive. Par-City sitting around talking about some hot females in the game right now, trying to come up with a definitive list. 1st is a series of 3 videos

VIDEO: Peter Rosenberg Wrestles A Bear


Shouts to Cipha and Rosenberg for locking down the Hot 97 morning show and getting rid of that god awful Big Boi in the neighborhood. Juan Ep FTW!

VIDEO: Joe Budden TV - Tahiry Stalking Her Man?

Really...I would love if Tahiry stalked me.

NEW MUSIC: Klassik - Your A Jerk (RMX)

Klassik Ft The New Boys - Your A Jerk (RMX)

Also be sure to check out the homie Klassik's blog @ Shout out to the entire BFG/TSC Fam

NEW MUSIC: Drake Feat. Ma$e - Best I Ever Had RMX

"Mase is back, tell everybody....HARLEM STAND UP!" (c) 50 Cent

Drake Ft. Mase - Best I Ever Had (RMX)

Mase is another one of those artist.