Monday, November 23, 2009

NEW MUSIC: GiF - Get it Hot Freestyle

GiF - Get It Hot Freestyle

Video: IllDoc - You’ve Lost That Beefing Feeling

By popular demand, a brief comment on the Beani Sigel/Jay-Z/50 Cent beef. This is not likely to be of interest unless you’re a fan of these hip-hop soap operas.

New Music: Charles Hamilton - Charles Hamilton is Back

New Music: Freddie Mac - Back To 811 Timothy Lane (Mixtape)

1. Intro
2. The Way I (produced by Showtime)
3. Long Live the Hi Hat ft. Kia DeLis (@KiaDeLis)
4. Tic Tic Boom ft. Nyk LaShae (produced by Showtime)
5. BAOW (produced by UNeek Beats)
6. Bernie Mac Snippet
7. Shake That (poduced by UNeek Beats)
8. Who Im Iz ft. Six Duece (produced by Vybe)
9. JackMobb Call In ft. Young Jones
10. Grown Up Shii (produced by Showtime)
11. Five Star Chick (MacMix)
12. Get Loose (produced by Showtime)
13. Look At 'Em (produced by Showtime)
14. Wasted ft Fuze B
15. Porno Chick ft. Six Duece (produced by Showtime)
16. This Is How We Step (produced by Showtime)

Freddie Mac says...

Growing up in Mississippi things were limited, this you all know. It had its good times and its bad times like everywhere else in the world. College, well that was one of the good times. I don't have to tell you all about the things that took place in college, we all can imagine, but this is where I first learned about Club Hit Hat 2000. From the first night, I was hooked. My first experience and from there on, it was nothing nowhere else like it. You all have that "Hi Hat" type of club that YOU remember as well so this mixtape is meant to take you make to those times! The partying, the stress free, the letting everything loose and just enjoying LIFE and the fact that we can all HAVE FUN and enjoy it together.

This mixtape is in appreciation to the place that gave me my first chance to get on stage and rock the crowd. It opened doors for me that were so limited in the South, thats why I have come to give back and show where I come from. I want everyone to download this mixtape and just let it play through and let it take you back to when it was fun to listen to music and dance to it. I hope you all take the time to give it a listen and enjoy it altogether.

I want to thank everyone who was involved with the project and who has patiently waited for me to release it.

Video: The Clipse in NYC

Shouts to KarenCivil and #TheSetList

Original Samples: Raekwon - House of Flying Daggers

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Happy Birthday shout out to Young L.I. Enjoy your day family!

VIDEO: Slaughterhouse - Microphone

Damn i need a glass recording booth in my life...

BONUS Eminem - Microphone freestyle

Friday, November 20, 2009

Video: Fly Union feat. Big Sean - Poe’d Up (Behind The Scenes)

Fly.Union x Big Sean "Poe'd Up" Behind the Scenes from Palestra Creative on Vimeo.

Admittedly, i've never checked out Fly Union, but ive heard nothing but good things about the group. This song also features the homie Big Sean.

But bigger than all that, shouts to my Cleveland homie Nailah who does a great job at being eye candy in the still waiting on you to take that NY trip!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

PAR-CITY: lemme try to explain what we are not

An open letter from GiF...

So I just started talkin to this girl, and as usual, she asks the obligatory question, "so what do u do in ur spare time?"

I hesitate but then retort, "Besides just hangin out and watchin movies, i do music."

"Typical guy," she responds and I knew at that moment I had to downplay my musical aspirations or else she'd label me as a loser for life. So then I go into detail about how I was a broadcasting major and I've met x amount of rappers and working in radio I was always around people who were into music, etc. etc.

But then I got to thinking, why should I have to cover this up? I've been at this music thing for some 5 to 6 years now. I'm no music mogul, but I've written, recorded, and engineered a hefty number of good songs and worked with more than a handful of artists. I should be proud of this "hobby" by now.

And speaking more specifically about my group Par-City, I feel we've done a commendable job of separating ourselves from the typical class of upstart acts that simply try to shortcut there way to recognition by making easily digestible music that fans can drone into and forget about as soon as something equally ignorant is regurgitated for their consumption. I hate to insult or sound like an "elitist" but it's something that I'm consciously aware of as I sit down to write a new song.

As a group, we're not trying to be a flash in the pan, and the songs we make aren't meant to be one and done. As cliche as it sounds, we're trying to make music that is timeless, music that will spark a thought besides "i get money, i got swag and every girl wants to f**k me." Sure SOME of the music may contain such content, but its certainly not ALL we do. And when we do make such music, I'd like to think it was done in a clever and lyrical enough way that its not seen as juvenile delinquency on a drum pattern.

And herein lies the problem. Par-City is on the cusp of one of our biggest musical endeavors to date and yet we STILL have to fight off this stigma. We still have to defend what we do and how we do it to some people who are too used to seeing our "peers" make shuck and jive music. We are still subconsciously categorized into the same field of rappers who spew out the same formulaic music over and over and over again.

And what's most sad is that any attempt to deviate from this norm (i.e. make a song with an actual concept) is looked at as weak or nerdy. I've sat by and watched people who I felt were good lyricists go against themselves and dumb down their music for the sake of gaining recognition all the while not realizing how counterproductive their efforts really were.

In closing I want to make this disclaimer:
Our music is supposed to be listened to, not just heard. Interpreted as well as recited. There are thoughts, wordplay, rhyme-scheme, and metaphors (not punchlines) that make each song unique from what you may be used to hearing. I say this not to INTIMIDATE, but to REITERATE...we are not those dudes that just started "spittin" yesterday. We are not "hot like the sun" or "fly like a jet" or whatever other cookie cutter punchline you can come up with.

Your Pal,
GiF the Great

Someone PLEASE applaud this man! I feel the exact same way, to the point i dont even tell people i make music from jump. I don't even call myself a rapper, i use the term "musician" but why should i have to do that, why do i need to cover up something i love because of peoples misconceptions about the type of music that i make...

Man "Fueled By Revenge" coming in Jan. you dont understand by then...then you're just a lost cause...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Classic!: Boats and Hoes (Extended Version)

Ive never see the full version of the video.

lol @ "this is the male version of Mariah Carey"

Angel Lola Luv Lesbian Scene

From 50's Before I Self Destruct movie

lmao my boy just posted this on that ass is sooooo fake. Dead @ 50 shooting her though

Pacquiao vs Mayweather? Never gonna happen

If you ask me, both "men" are afraid to get their egos bruised but its a fight that fans are salivating at the mouth for. Floyd gives us a million and one reasons why he's in a no win situation.

New Music: Willy Dope Ft. Keri Hilson - Slow Dance (RMX)

Lil Something for the ladieeeeeeessssss (c) Anti

New Music - G.O.O.D Music - Whatever U Want (RMX)

Original Samples: Jay-Z – On To The Next One/Wale – W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E

You can pretty much catch the Wale sample from the beginning. To hear “On To The Next One” skip ahead to about the 2:43 mark…listen to it and imagine it sped up…you’ll hear it!

New Music: Joe Budden - Russian Roulette (Freestyle)

Joey is another one of those artist...

Blame It On The Label…

So Wale only sold 28k his first week. His Manager claims the LP was undershipped. In a quote from XXL, Wale’s Manager said…

”Wale’s the type of artist who is bigger than the metrics (radio) say he is,” Weisman said. “That puts the label in a tough position in terms of physical distribution and because of twitter we are able to hear direct feedback from the fans about the problems they had actually finding the CD. But 64% of Wale’s sales came from digital outlets which makes sense for Wale. It’s a testament to Interscope and their confidence in Wale’s brand that they put the record out without a big single.”

Here’s my thing…I believe its just the climate that the industry is in. No im not trying to start any “hip hop is dead” convo because its certainly not…what im saying is that its getting harder and harder for newer hip hop acts to break in and make a huge splash. Consumers aren’t even buying album’s from established “stars” in hip hop (Fat Joe sold 8K his first week for “J.O.S.E. 2”, Rick Ross’ crew Carol City Cartel sold 12k of their debut). I gotta say though I am very surprised with Wale’s numbers, I thought he’d do ATLEAST 50k. I mean dude had the VMAs gig, single with Lady Gaga which they shot a video for, a follow up singer with that Gucci Mane guy that’s popular with the kids nowadays and is on tour with Jay “no reason a man should be this good at rapping” Z. Wale…hold ya head…hip hop fans…support good music.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Music: Chris Classic - Industry Ether

What do you guys think? leave a comment.

RIP Kyle Rembert

Kyle was a extremely close family friend of mine and he is sorely missed. 16-years old this kid never did anything to anybody. RIP's what the Post had to say about the story...

Mount St. Michael junior running back Kyle Rembert died from carbon monoxide inhalation at his Bronx home late Friday night, Mountaineers coach Mario Valentini said.

Valentini said there was a carbon monoxide leak at the 16-year-old's house and that he was the only person in his family affected by it. He became aware of Remberts death after a late afternoon practice Saturday. Rembert, who also plays defensive back and competes for the school's track and field team, was noticeably missing, but it did not raise imediate suspicions because of a SAT test being given that day

We heard about it as we came off the field, Valentini said. One of the parents got a call from his grandmother.

Rembert caught a touchdown pass in the Mountaineers' 41-40 loss to Fordham Prep on Oct 24. Mount St. Michael beat Xavier, 21-14, in the CHSFL AA quarterfinals Sunday.

He was a great kid, Valentini said. He always had a smile on his face, very pleasant, low key type of kid. He was just a wonderful young man.

Chuck Hammy is Back???