Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I use to like Charles Hamilton. I downloading all of his projects from the whole Hamiltonalzation thing. I even thought that he was gonna be the next big thing at one point. Then this happened

This is something ive been asking for the past few days/weeks/months. Ever since getting punched by his girl and attend a private couples therapy online for the world to see, he seems to be MIA.

I decided to look into the situation, first checking his blog. Surprisingly when i got there i found that all of his blog entries are gone. I did see this on the page though


$200 a song
$1000 for 5 songs
$300 for mastering one song
$500 for mastering an EP (5-7 songs)
$1000 for mastering an album (8+ songs)


$1500 per beat
$3000 to provide beats for entire project
$5000 to produce entire project (give direction, etc.)
$7500 to executive produce a project (give direction, provide beats for entire project, track-out and master final product)


I will not mix or produce gangsta or misogynist music. At all. And though I'm ill at Autotune, you gotta be able to NOT rely on it. Period.

Email: instudiowithcharleshamilton@yahoo.com

So there it is...if you wanna work with Charles Hamilton, all the infomation is right there...i wonder how much is cost to just ask him what the fuck he been doing these past few weeks?

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  1. Charles kept blogging and putting out music after this lol, he even brought it up on a few songs if i remember correctly..then for some reason he dissapeared.