Saturday, June 6, 2009

Follow Friday: RuthieDot & Jacquesmorels

*Double Feature*

I missed last week so i bring two this week.

First up is my homegirl Ruthie, the self procliamed "Sylvia Rhone of". Ruth and I have known each other for over a year now (bet she doesnt even know that) and have become really good friends as of late.

Ruthie moderates the forums of and also runs her own blog "The Pharcyde". Her love of hip hop music and culture definitely makes her one of the Dopest Females i know, make sure to check out her blog, and check her out on Twitter @RuthieDot , her constant bickering with her lil sister @rooox3 via tweet is sure to keep you laughing.

Moving along....

Jacques Morel is the owner of , a very cool blog that isnt your run of the mill hip-hop blog site.

What separates his site from others i've visited is that dude isnt afraid to give his honest opinion on people's music which is something i respect. Often people just nod they head and say "yeah it's cool" when they're either not really listening to the song or trying to save face.

Jacques has also giving Par-City some exposure which is something we all very much appreciate. So make sure you check out the blog and do yourself a favor and follow the homie on Twitter @Jacquesmorels (BTW, That #Hovsays shit has me ROTF).

So do your life a favor and...


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  1. Huuggeeee shout out goes to you homie..Thanx for the profile on me! =0) Keep doin what ya doin..ya whole movement is something i ride behind...see you at the top!! all day!