Monday, May 4, 2009


...You know I always wondered why people went so hard with that first shit....

Anyway...WELCOME to the new home for everything Par-City/Jokeset/White Label. I absolutely refuse to call this a blog because the content that we will be bringing you is so original, so fresh, just labeling it a blog like these other blogs out there who just steal content from each other (No shots) would be disrespect. And as Young L.I. would tell you..

"Disrespect...Something I Dont Take Kind"

Four members of White Label will be updating the site as you can see under the section that says "Contributors" (still tryna get Antagonus to hop on board). We will be bringing you music reviews, vlogs, photography, and our own view on things going in the world in a unique way. You can also expect plenty of original content from us such as mixtapes, music, and music videos.

So make sure you check back often as we will attempt to update as much as possible. Mondays you can also check for some unreleased music from White Label on what we call "Vintage Mondays". Every Saturday, check for a freestyle, sweet 16, or regular old acapellas on "Spit-That Saturdays". Whenever there's a big music release you can expect a "Drive-By Review" to follow shortly after, where we will review a CD/Mixtape While driving around (Im sayin, most of you listen to music while driving anyway, right?).

So make yourself at home at our new home, kick back, listen to some hot music, enjoy the content and who may become a Par-Citizen yourself...

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